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Activities in Details

The activities of the Department involving the administration of the Acts and Rules noted above are described below in brief :

I. a . Scrutiny and approval of site, layout and construction plans for Explosives manufacturing factories; Explosives storage premises; Manufacture of explosives at site in Bulk Mixing and Delivery Vehicles (BMD); Public display of fireworks; Storage installations for compressed gases in unfired pressure vessels; Filling plants for gas cylinders; Storage sheds for filled gas cylinders; Petroleum storage installations, storage sheds and service stations; Calcium Carbide storage premises. b. Scrutiny and approval of design and construction of explosives vans, vehicles for transport of compressed gases in pressure vessels and petroleum tank lorries. c. Licensing of the Premises/units/vehicles referred under(a) and (b) above; d. Scrutiny, approval of design, construction and route map of high pressure natural gas pipelines; e. Supervision of the strength and leak tests of high pressure gas pipeline; f. Permission for transmission of gas through previously approved pipelines g. Supervision during Cathodic protection testing by the owner of the pipeline ; h. Scrutiny and approval of layout etc. of Petroleum Refineries, Petro-Chemical units, and Acetylene gas generating plants; i. Scrutiny and approval of designs of unfired pressure vessels and their fittings; j. Type approval of gas cylinders and valves fitted thereto manufactured in Bangladesh and imported from outside before authorizing their use in the country; k. Scrutiny and approval of flameproof, intrinsically safe and special electrical equipments suitable for use in hazardous areas; l. Approval of factories fabricating pressure vessels and its fittings, gas cylinders valves; m. Approval of testing stations, for periodic examination and testing of cylinders; n. Recognition of competent persons and inspectors under various rules; o. Regular inspection of the units mentioned above; p. Destruction of deteriorated and unclaimed/seized explosives; q. Examination of petroleum tanks in marine vessels for issuing gas free certificates before allowing hot work and entry of man in such tanks and entry of such vessels in docks; r. Technical investigation of accidents coming under the purview of the Acts and Rules administered by the department. s. Authorization of new explosives ; t. Grant of license to import, transport and storage explosives; u. Grant of permission for filling/use of all gas cylinders imported from abroad and manufactured in Bangladesh; v. Grant of license for import of cylinders and pressure vessels; w. Scrutiny of returns under various rules;

II. Making proposal to the Government for framing new rules and amendment of existing rules; and grant of exemption/relaxation wherever necessary in public interest.

III. Training of Personnel engaged in detection/safe handling/use etc. of explosives and other dangerous substances.

IV. Advising Port, Airport and Railway authorities on- a. Classification of hazardous substances; b. Packing and determination of conditions for storage/transport of dangerous substances; c. Sitting and layout of facilities for the loading/unloading and transit storage of explosives, flammable and other dangerous substances;

V. Examination/testing of explosives/hazardous substances for classification of hazard.

VI. Advising the Government, the Industry and various organization on matters relating to the handling of explosives, flammable and other dangerous substances, relating to the Acts and Rules referred to above.

VII. Participation in various committees appointed by the Administrative Ministry, other Ministries, Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute.

VIII. Participation in symposiums, seminars, workshops organized by various organizations relating to safety in handling of hazardous chemicals, petroleum products, explosives and compressed gases.


The activities of the Department went on increasing with the development of the country. The use of Explosives in the field of exploration and exploitation of natural reassures like oil, gas, coal and hard rock have increased tremendously. Extraction of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) from natural gas and liberal energy policy of the government encourage many national and multinational companies in establishing LPG storage and bottling plants at Mongla and Chittagong. With the introduction of CNG as vehicular fuel, the number of units licensed/approved by the Department have increased tremendously.

The Department of Explosives is the only department of its kind directly overseeing the safety requirements for so many units handling divergent types of hazardous materials and offering technical co-ordination and expertise to so many organizations in private- and public sector.

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